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Some of our friends, clients and Surfers have asked why there's such a big difference between the attitude of our public site and the articles which we produce for our clients. We are known as hard-liners writing for military and security magazines and yet we cry over the victimes of anti-personnel mines....Must be "shome" mistake as "Private Eye" would say.

The contradiction in our ideology is more apparent than real. We are just following the same principles as Col Brown editor of "Soldier Of Fortune" magazine who fought a U.S Government ban of the newsletter of a left wing Vietnam veterans group of victimes of US chemical warfare. The liberty of the press is indivisible and must apply to everybody even ex-GIs. Like Col Brown, we also are fighting for abstract principles such as "Press Freedom" and "Free Speech" since it is the British Government intention to persuade other European Governments to adopt its dirty little ways and abolish other people's constitutional rights. (A  concept which can  not exist in British law since Britain has no constitution). So, we will stop publishing Mr Blair's dirty little secrets when he gives the British people constitutional rights such as Press Freedom. If Mr Blair doesn't know where to find a text enshrining such a constitutional law, he can start with the text of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. (The Internet, has done much to destroy Mr Clinton by exposing his serial love affairs and other scandles. As a result Mr Clinton tried by revenge to destroy the Internet through censorship. The US Supreme Court stopped him by invoking the First Amendment. Bearing  in mind the Press Freedom has done much to destroy Mr Clinton, Tony would be wise to adopt the other human rights previsons of the constitution  (amendments 1 to 10), since he might need the Fifth Amendment one day).

So thanks to those marvelous folks from Whitehall who brought you the martyrdom of Jeanne D'Arc we bring you the mega-production of Tony Blair  "Shaylergate."

This months dossier is about British Intelligence Service whistleblowers and the desperate attempts of Tony Blair's administration to cover up their accusations of British Government sleaze and incompetence.

Since the 1920s, the British Government has fought a desperate struggle with the world's press to preserve the mystic of the British Secret Service. After the high-court ban on ex-spy Compton Mc Kenzie satire "Water on the Brain" the next rounds were in the United States. First blood was to the Marx Brothers who made soon afterwords several films (Horse Feathers, Duck Soup, etc...)  loosely based on Compton Mc Kenzie's book. The British Government never had the courage to try to ban the Marx Brothers. Over the next 50 years the American press published regularly Britain's darkest secrets such as the identities "M" and "K", the chiefs of the MI5, MI6 or the identities of various upper-class layabouts who have successfully infiltrated the intelligence service on behalf of the GRU, KGB, Abwehr and sundry enemies of her Majesty.

The American colonialists declared independence from Britain in 1776 because of the lack of constitutional rights in Britain. In 1976, none of the abuses denounced by the rebels in the Declaration of Independance had been corrected by the Britsh Government. The only differences over 200 years was that dictatorial powers of the mad King were now exercised by a prime minister.

The big breakthrough in the struggle to establish democracy in Britain came 10 years later with attempts to publish the too revealing  memoires of Peter Wright, a retired senior official of MI5. Thanks to the liberty of the press existing in the United States, the world was able to follow in great detail how Peter Wright, MI5 and the CIA "bugged and burgled" their way across London in an attempt to prove that the British prime minister and many members of the "ruling classes" were Russian spies. The British Government tried to have the book banned in Britain and various, ex-colonies of her Majesty. The Australians courts were amazed to discover, that decades after their independence, the British took them for serfs of her Majesty to whom one should systematically lie. No wonder attempts to ban the book in "The Colonies" failed.

Since then numerous whistleblowing spies and investigative journalists have maintained a flourishing international publishing industry of books and articles banned in England (Even Scottish Judges have recently refused to protect England's sleazy secrets). Since the invention of the Internet, this activity has become an avalanche of documentation. Hence British attempts to persuade the Swiss and other European countries to introduce a generalized censorship in the Internet.

The two latest whistleblowing spies are David Shayler ex-MI5 and Richard Tomlinson ex-MI6. David Shayler was arrested by the French socialist administration on the 1st August 1998, shortly after he attempted to open an Internet site in France. The French opposition declared that the Lionel Jospin government is willing to violate the French constitution since his scandal wracked incompetent administration is without friends other than Tony Blair. The affair Shayler is now well known to Net-Surfers because his friends organized the American site : http://www.shayler.com, so we'll not repeat the contents of this site or that of BBC news. Richard Tomlinson has no site, so that the documents  that we have recently recuperated about his case are accessible for the first time by the British taxpayer.

These documents were discovered yesterday (September 17) in one of the computers of a Internet Caf� in Geneva. They are composed of two folders that Mr Tomlinson or his friends were composing under Word98 to send to a UK Parliamentary Committee. Since it's not clear whether Tomlinson has succeeded in transmitting the documents, and they raise problems of public interest, we are publishing them here so that any computer literate member of the UK Parliament can read them.

Because the  Tomlinson documents  are destined to the British Parliament, we are publishing them exactly as we found them except for the erasure of the sender's address. They, therefore,  include the names of various British MI6 Officials. We not normally publish the names of officials (where we have no proof of criminal activity)   but in the circumstances we are obliged to. The names are in the original document. The documents are addressed to a lawyer for the transmission to a UK Parliamentary Investigating Committee. For this reason we are obliged to publish the documents as they are and not as they should be. (We think that even civil servants should benefit from "the presumption of innocence").

One of these files concerns British plans to assassinate the war criminal Milosevic. Like most people we can only wish  these plans had gone ahead. The scandal is not that one wanted to assassinate Milosevic but why the plans were abandoned.

Since the British Labor Government is actively trying to sabotage European and NATO plans to use military and economic pressure to stop a Serbian organized genocide of the Albanians, we can only have the worst possible suspicions of complicity by Tony Blair and his friends. It took 20 years for Margaret "Mama Doc"Thacher's government to become one of the western world's most corrupted. It's taken only few months for the Blair administration to establish a serious reputation for crookedness. So it will not surprise us to learn that Tony "Baby Doc"Blair and his friends are accepting Serbian narco-dollars.

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