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Last September, we published a dossier on the affaire of Britains renegade spies, known as SHAYLERGATE. This affaire was interesting to us since it's the first British secret service scandal which has explosed on the Internet. The British Government has until recently been able to control such scandals through a strict censorship of the press. (Britain has no "constitutional rights" and so such concepts as "Liberty of the press", are legally meaningless.) but, a Government with a legal system straight out of the middle ages is incapable of controlling the technology of the end of the 20th Century. Consequently, Britains dirty little secrets have steadily leaked out over the last year as Britons discovered the Internet. The latest battle, which started the second week of May, will probably go down into history as the "LIST", or the "TOMLINSON affaire". Mr TOMLINSON is one of the two secret service renegades that we first talked about in the Shayler Gate dossier. Much of the last two weeks in the British press have been devolted to the question of who published "THE LIST" of some 115 British MI6 intelligence officers operating under diplomatic cover.

Over the next few days, we will be publishing various documents on the affaire. So this site is under contruction.

Will Mr Robin COOK's stupidity and ingerence help the rightwing Nationalist vote ?

An important subchapter of this affaire is the censorship of a Swiss Internet site at the behest of the British goverment. This affaire has infuriated Swiss Surfers, Webmasters and Nationalist politicians. The Nationalists who represent about 25 % of the vote in Switzerland have decided to exploit the affaire as part of their campain against the EEC, against the USA, against NATO, against the United Nations etc...
To the Swiss nationalist, it's absolutely intolerable that "Switzerland's Banana Republic Goverment" should close down an Internet Site for foreign political reasons and so demonstrate that the "real Goverment" of Switzerland is, the EEC, The USA, NATO, The United Nations, etc...

Many of the supporters of this rightwing party are keen Surfers and Web builders. Their leader, Mr Christopher BLOCHER, was the first Swiss politician to understand the Internet. So, it's not surprising that some of these people have invented a very cunning scheme to trap the Swiss and British Goverment. Since Mr ROBIN COOK (Foreign Minister) wants to close down any Swiss site containing embarassing British information, these Nationalist Surfers and Webmasters, want to hide in sites, dedicated to local Swiss politics, hidden "dossiers" which will be invisible to Swiss voters, but very visible to Mr Tony BLAIR's search engines. This, the nationalists hope, will result in the British Government trying to close down "anti refugees", "anti Common Market" and "anti United Nations" sites. If the Swiss Government decides that it's the Government of a sovereign Nation and refuses such  ingerence by the British in Swiss votations, this, the Nationalists hope, will spoil relations with a Common Market Country.

How does one publish a dossier invisible to Swiss voters but very visible to foreigners ? Any Webmaster, will tell you that there are at least six different methods which it will take too long to explain here.


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