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Can anyone figure out what these guys ("Swiss for clean democracy") are
all about?

On their web site, they brag about being Cold Warriors (at THIS late
date?) and sympatico to Col. Robert K. Brown of "Solder of Fortune"
magazine -- who has had a pretty interesting history in his own right.
This mysterious group's anti-Brit sentiments seem over-the-top -- almost
hysterical. In fact, they seem to operate from a thinly-disguised German
nationalist perspective.

There are documents originating from Tomlinson on this site. Nothing too
startling; Diana is not mentioned, although the assassination plans
against Milosevic are detailed. According to Tomlinson, an MI6 man with
the unlikely name of Nick Fishwick ("The name's Fishwick -- NICK
Fishwick!") "who worked under the staff designation of P4/OPS" suggested
using the strobe light tactic to run Milosevic off the road. Obviously,
this parallels what happened to Diana.

The other document concerns MI6 spying on Germany and France. In
particular, Tomlinson draws attention to a German finance minister
code-named ORCADA who has apparently been acting as a paid British
informant. ORCADA is not named, but Tomlinson makes public what I
suspect is sufficient data for the the BND to track him down.

All of the above suggests that this "Swiss" group actually supports
conservative German interests.



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